Key to Development

Engagement in music lessons has proven benefits, from improving self-esteem and confidence to developing imagination and creativity. Involvement in music through lessons and playing in ensembles has been scientifically proven to bring a wealth of social, emotional and educational benefits.

Wandsworth Music have a wealth of varied music lessons and music programmes to engage in, many of which culminate in performances and concerts that provide life long memories and experiences.

Currently more than 7000 instrumentalists and vocalists learn with us – why not come and join them and have music lessons with us!?


In Schools

Class Act

Wandsworth Music works in partnership with schools to deliver a wide range of musical opportunities in schools. Many schools work with us to deliver whole class ensemble tuition, whole class singing programmes, small group and 1-1 peripatetic lessons and music curriculum.

We strive to ensure as many pupils as possible have the opportunity to continue their musical journey beyond initial whole class experiences through 1-1 and small group peripatetic lessons and ensembles.

Many schools, in collaboration with the Music Service, offer progression opportunities through small group and 1-1 lessons. If you are interested in receiving tuition at school, in the first instance parents and pupils should contact their school to find out what opportunities exist.

Out of Schools

Music Academy

High quality instrumental and vocal lessons and ensembles are available at the Wandsworth Music Academy on Saturday and Wednesday evenings. Full details of the programmes on offer at the academy can be viewed at here


Instrument Hire

The music service has an excellent stock of high quality musical instruments to help ensure that pupils have access to an instrument.

If you would like to hire an instrument please click here: HIRE NOW


Wandsworth Music works in partnership with the London Music Fund and Thomas’s Schools Foundation to provide scholarships for children and young people in challenging circumstances or in need of financial support. For further information on scholarships please click here

Music Exams

Exams are a good way of inspiring further study and celebrating success and are useful in helping young people to become well-rounded musicians. We discourage the practice of ‘teaching to exam’ where a child automatically moves on to study the next grade upon completion of the previous one, preferring a broader musical experience.

By default we use ABRSM grades for orchestral instruments and piano as they cover supporting areas of music such as scales, aural & sight reading. For guitar we use Rockshool exams.

To be entered for an exam, we must be confident that the pupil is capable of attaining a good merit or distinction – this is to limit situations where the entire term preceding the exam is given over to cramming just to scrape a pass mark and ensure that the exam is a positive and worthwhile experience.