Gift Aid

As a registered charity, Wandsworth Music is able to benefit from Gift Aid on donations and on membership subscriptions for the Wandsworth Music Academy.

Gift Aid provides vital additional funds for charities and it costs you nothing extra to allow us to claim it. If you Gift Aid your payments, Wandsworth Music can claim Gift Aid tax relief of 25p on every pound you give.

We can claim on all eligible donations and membership subscriptions for activities that form part of our charity’s objectives. We cannot claim on the ‘tuition’ element of membership as this is regarded as a benefit under the Gift Aid rules.

In order to access this additional source of funding we need a gift aid declaration from each parent who is prepared to support us in this way. The form only needs to be completed once and can be done by either using this form or completing the declaration on our donation and membership payment forms.

If at any time you want to cancel this declaration, change your name or address, or no longer pay sufficient tax on your income and/or capital gains, please email

We do hope you can support us in this way and thank you as ever for your ongoing support.

To complete the gift aid declaration form click here

Further information on Gift Aid can be found here