Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions (direct billing to parents)

These terms and conditions form the basis of the contract between Wandsworth Music (WM) and customers (referred to as ‘you’). Wandsworth Music reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and without notice.


  • In most cases WM plan to deliver 30 sessions over the year, usually 10 lessons per term, either face to face or via online delivery on zoom.
  • The number of lessons per term may vary due to term and holiday dates.


  • Generally WM aim to offer 30 ensemble sessions per year – the total number of sessions may include concerts or workshops.
  • Senior Music Academy ensembles also have intensive rehearsal courses at half term.
  • Ensemble membership will begin as soon as possible following receipt of a completed enrolment form.
  • Membership of some ensembles is determined by teaching staff and an audition may therefore be necessary.


  • Fees are payable 3 times a year before the start of a new term, and in advance of tuition.
  • The minimum commitment and charge for both lessons and ensemble membership is until the end of term in which attendance begins.
  • Fees for ensemble memberships are invoiced as flat termly fees and not charged on a pro-rata basis.
  • Invoices will be issued in advance of tuition and all payments should be made online via the payment portal or BACS.
  • Pupils will be automatically re-enrolled and invoiced for the same activities every term unless appropriate notice has been given (see withdrawal below)
  • Where payment has not been made in advance, we reserve the right to discontinue service until full payment has been received. Continued non-payment of fees may result in your place being withdrawn.
  • If you are experiencing any financial difficulty then please contact WM to discuss alternative payment arrangements. All information will be dealt in the strictest confidence.
  • Fees will not be refundable for any absence or short term illness. In cases of long term health problems, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss. A medical certificate may be required.
  • Fees are reviewed annually.

Missed lessons, credits and refunds

  • WM do not offer trial lessons.
  • WM do not offer credits or refunds for lessons missed by pupils, for any reason.
  • When a school cancels a lesson, WM will endeavour to make up the lesson provided that a minimum of two weeks notice has been received from the school.
  • Where lessons take place in a school, it is the responsibility of the school to provide notification to the WM tutor at the start of each term, or at least two weeks in advance, of any days where; pupils will be unavailable for a lesson due to a school commitment; or a suitable room/space at the school will be unavailable.
  • Where minimum notice is not given to the WM tutor, no credit will be due if the tutor is unable to reschedule.
  • On the rare occasion that a WM tutor is absent for any reason WM will endeavour to replace them with a substitute tutor or make up the lessons at another time.
  • Where this is not possible WM may offer a credit for the lesson or a refund. Credits and refunds will normally be considered at the end of the year when it is clear how many lessons have been completed.
  • In the event of an emergency or closure of a school (full or partial) or the Music Academy due to an event outside WM’s control (e.g. force majeure, a pandemic, flooding, heavy snow or industrial action), where possible, lessons will be delivered online or rescheduled within the academic year. No credit will be due if WM or the WM tutor is unable to reschedule.
  • If a school is unable to continue hosting music lessons for any reason (or a pupils is self isolating), WM will endeavour to reschedule the lessons to take place on Zoom.


  • Lessons and memberships automatically continue term on term and year on year until appropriate notice of withdrawal is received.
  • Pupils may only withdraw from lessons or membership at the end of term with written notice.
  • Written notice for withdrawal should be made via email to info@wandsworthmusic.co.uk by the following dates;
    • 8 November to withdraw at the end of the Autumn term
    • 21 February to withdraw at the end of Spring term
    • 1 June to withdraw at the end of Summer Term
  • WM reserve the right to charge a late notice fee of 50% of the termly fees if the required notice to withdraw from lessons is not given.
  • Once lessons have started in any term, the full term’s payment is due in lieu of notice for that term.
  • If a pupil withdraws part way through a term, the term’s charges remain payable in full.

Timetabling of lessons (in schools)

  • Where tuition takes place in school, WM will coordinate with the school to arrange the day and time of lessons. 
  • In most cases lessons take place during the school day. Lesson details will be confirmed at the beginning of each term.


  • WM does not accept liability for loss or damage to pupil’s instruments or personal possessions. You should arrange appropriate insurance for these items


  • WM has an excellent reputation for positive behaviour and a strong work ethic which we wish to preserve and develop.
  • Pupils and visitors are expected to behave in a responsible and courteous manner at all times; to respect the environment, resources and personnel; to attend lessons regularly and to practise between lessons.
  • Offensive or illegal items and substances must never be take to WM activities. No pupil should access offensive or illegal content from any electronic device whilst engaged in WM activities.
  • Poor attendance, failure to practise or disruptive or anti-social behaviour by either the pupil or by the parent/carer, may result in tuition being withdrawn and any paid or outstanding fees would be retained or remain payable. No credits will be given in such circumstances.

Financial Assistance

  • If you are experiencing any financial difficulty then please contact WM to discuss alternative payment arrangements. All information will be dealt in the strictest confidence.
  • Remissions may be available for students attending the Music Academy who receive free school meals.

Personal Data & Privacy

  • WM collect and keep personal information for the delivery of music tuition. This information will be stored in accordance with our Privacy Policy 

Photograph/ video and publicity policy

  • Wandsworth Music will occasionally use photographs and/ or film footage of events, concerts and lessons. These images may be used to celebrate our musical activities and student achievements; to promote the music service via our website and social media; for publicity or funding purposes related to music education; and for other publicity such as newsletters, promotional videos & press releases. 

Extract from our privacy policy: 

Occasionally WM and its authorised partners use pictures, videos or stories for publicity or funding purposes. Such material will be used for example, for publicity purposes; display in buildings; on banners in concerts; on our website and for social media purposes; for assessment and educational purposes and for fundraising purposes.

When using photos and videos for publicity or website/ social media purposes we will not accompany them with any other personal information about the child, to ensure they cannot be identified. We may continue to use these photographs and videos after your child has left the school.

Although we will carefully use images based on the basis of our ‘legitimate interests’ we understand there may be occasions where music service users provide good reason why we should withdraw certain images. 

Images that might cause embarrassment or distress will not be used. We will only use images of pupils who are suitably dressed, to reduce the risk of such images being used inappropriately. 

If you have any concerns about the use of photographs or video or wish to ask us to withdraw an image of your child with good cause, then please contact info@wandsworthmusic.co.uk