Web-based music lesson management portal

Lessons both in-school, and at our music academies are managed through the SpeedAdmin parent portal. Features include:

  • Viewing term dates and timetables
  • Communications with music tutors
  • Practice notes and online resources
  • Viewing, and paying invoices through our secure system

Your SpeedAdmin account is created when you complete an application form for either in-school, or music academy lessons. You username and password will have been sent to you (from info@wandsworthmusic.co.uk) at the time of registration.

To login, click the button below:

SpeedAdmin user guide for parents

We appreciate that using a new online system for managing music lessons can be confusing at first. The below user-guide will help you to quickly get to grips with how it all works. This guide can also be found on your homepage once you have logged into SpeedAdmin through your browser.   

Frequently asked questions

Q) I can’t remember my password OR I have been locked out of my account.

A) Contact us at info@wandsworthmusic.co.uk and we will be able to unlock your account for you, and send you a password reset link.

Q) My child says that the tutor is setting homework, but I haven’t been seeing it.

A) Make sure you add our central email address: info@wandsworthmusic.co.uk to your contacts/trusted list. Each time the tutor posts something, you will be sent an email notification, but some email providers will identify this as ‘junk’ unless you add us as a contact. 

Q) I can’t see my invoice or outstanding fees when I log in.

A) It is possible that you are logged in to a student account. Check that your login is either your own email address, or the first three letters of your first name, followed by the first three letters of your second name (for example John Smith would be: JOHSMI). If you aren’t sure, contact us to ask for your login details again.

Q) I can read messages from my child’s tutor, but I can’t message them back

A) This is because ‘two-way chat’ has not been turned on. Send us an email and we’ll turn this on for you – so that you can get in touch with the tutor (this is also covered in the user guide).