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Supporting Schools

Working in partnership with schools for over 25 years 

Wandsworth Music believe passionately in the importance of music as part of a broad and balanced curriculum. Through the teaching and music making opportunities we provide, we can help you unlock the musical potential of your pupils, helping to develop their musical skills, knowledge and understanding, whilst increasing their confidence and self-esteem.

Our music support programmes include: Whole Class Ensemble Tuition (WCET), Singing Projects & Programmes, Curriculum Music Support, Instrument Hire Service, Peripatetic music tuition, Ensembles and choirs, Music Therapy, Bespoke CPD for your staff, Early Years music programmes and high profile Performance opportunities at professional venues such as the Royal Albert Hall and Royal Festival Hall. See below for more details.

School Membership
Our offer to schools

Whole Class Ensemble Tuition (WCET)

Instrumental Music for All

We can help your children start on the exciting journey of learning to play a musical instrument!

Whole Class Ensemble Tuition (WCET) provides children with the opportunity to learn a musical instrument during curriculum time, free of charge at the point of access for a full academic year.

Evidence has shown that not only is learning to play a musical instrument great fun, but can also lead to:

  • Improved reading, vocabulary, and language development
  • Improved aural and visual memory
  • More positive attitudes towards school and better attendance
  • Increased self-confidence and aspirations
  • Enhanced teamwork and collaborative skills
  • Improved emotional and physical wellbeing

Curriculum Music

Curriculum Music Delivery

We can deliver the music curriculum in your school and help with PPA cover. Our music curriculum team engage pupils in practical music-making to ensure progression and continuity in line with the National Curriculum. We work in partnership with schools to link lessons into whole school themes and topics and really bring subjects to life through singing and music making of all kinds.

CPD and Support

Our support for music education in schools goes beyond just delivery. Our experienced team are here to support every aspect of music in your school, including CPD for teachers, specialist music curriculum advice and referrals for music based therapeutic services.

Singing Strategy

Finding a Voice

Singing regularly dramatically improves self-esteem and helps children to be more calm and focused!

The Singing Strategy aims to improve the quality and quantity of singing in all Wandsworth Schools.

Our bespoke singing programme is based on combining a thorough understanding of the developing child’s voice, with exciting and challenging repertoire led by singing specialists to inspire children and staff about their potential to sing.

School, cluster and public performances are used to celebrate children’s achievements and raise the profile of singing across the school community. Singing programmes include CPD for teachers along with the songs and resources used in the programme.


Instrumental & Singing Lessons

We have an outstanding team of more than 100 professional vocal and instrumental tutors

Choirs, Bands & Orchestras

We can support you to run choirs, bands and orchestras in your school.

Individual or small-group instrumental lessons (up to 4/5 children per group) charged at standard hourly rates to schools or directly to parents

Small group and individual instrumental lessons and progression through borough ensembles is available through the Wandsworth Music Academy.


Music Therapy

The healing power of music

Wandsworth Music launched a new programme of music therapy in May 2020.  Music Therapy sessions focus on communication using sound – with instruments and the voice. Music Therapy can aid independence and lead to increased participation and engagement in learning and daily activities, increased resilience and emotional well-being and decreased anxious and aggressive behaviours. Our therapists work with young people experiencing a range of difficulties, which might include:

  • Learning difficulties;
  • Communication difficulties;
  • Emotional difficulties;
  • Behavioural difficulties;
  • Loss;
  • Distressing, traumatic experiences;
  • Physical or co-ordination problems;


Special Schools

Inclusion is at the heart of our work and we believe in the transformative power of music to make the difference in ALL children and young people’s lives.

We work with a variety of partners to provide bespoke music projects to support children and young people with additional needs and disabilities to access high quality music making.

We work in partnership with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Open Orchestras to support music making in Special Schools, including establishing bespoke orchestras and tailored programmes and projects.

Small group and 1-1 instrumental and vocal lessons can also be delivered by our team of tutors – who have experience of working with children with additional needs and disabilities.