Music Therapy Clinic

Wandsworth Music provides a high quality, creative music therapy service. We work closely with parents, carers, teachers, and other professionals, to ensure our sessions support our clients’ needs in the best way possible.

The Music Therapy Clinic runs on Saturdays during term time, between 8.30am & 2pm at Burntwood School.

What is music therapy?

In music therapy, the child and therapist use sound and music to communicate, express themselves and build a therapeutic relationship. This is especially valuable for young people who are non-verbal or have difficulty putting how they feel into words.

The therapist uses musical interventions to enable the child to reach their full potential, building confidence and improving their physical, emotional, mental and social wellbeing.

Who can benefit?

Our therapists work with children with a wide range of backgrounds. Music therapy can help with:

Communication difficulties

Mental health issues

Processing traumatic experiences

Behavioural difficulties

Low mood and depression

Loss and bereavement

Emotional regulation

Reducing stress and anxiety

Confidence & self-esteem

What happens in a music therapy session?

In a typical music therapy session, the child will use a wide range of instruments and singing to play with the therapist. The music is mostly improvised although a music therapist will often use songs, musical activities or song writing as well.

Prior musical experience is not needed, the focus is on the child exploring and using the instruments in their own unique way. The music therapist will use their own musical expertise to support and respond to the child.

As a trusting therapeutic relationship is formed, the child and therapist can reflect on and process difficult themes and emotions as they arise. They are also able to experience together the joy of communicating without the need for words.

Our Music Therapists

Our Music Therapists are highly skilled musicians and professionally trained, qualified Music Therapists (Postgraduate Diploma/MA). Our therapists are state registered under the Health and Care Professions Council and work to the code of conduct set out by the British Association for Music Therapy.

All music therapists engage in regular clinical supervision and update their skills through continuing professional development and training. 

Music Therapy Clinic – FAQ’s

Music Therapy – Application & Referral Process 

Step 1: Click the button to submit an application form

Step 2: Click the button to complete the clinical referral form

Once the application and referral form have been completed for your child, you will receive a call from our senior Music Therapist who will briefly discuss your child’s current needs, and explain the running of the Clinic. At times we may find it helpful to liaise with other professionals involved in your child’s therapy input. If needed, we will be in touch with you to discuss this to gain a better understanding of the context around your child.  

Initial Music Therapy Assessment

Music Therapy is offered in blocks of 10 termly sessions. Prior to this it may be necessary to undertake an initial assessment. In this case a half term assessment package will be offered. This provides an opportunity for the child to experience the music therapy setting and to find out whether further music therapy might be beneficial.  

Towards the middle of the half term assessment period, the therapist will discuss whether further sessions would be beneficial. The child, parent and therapist can then decide whether to commit to further regular sessions. 

Where & when do sessions take place

After the initial assessment period, therapy is booked in blocks of 10 weeks. Clients commit to attending weekly sessions (see term dates) at the same time each week.

Sessions last 30 minutes and take place at the Wandsworth Music Academy, Burntwood School, Burntwood Lane, SW17 0AQ. Please enter the school via the main gates on Burntwood Lane.

The Music Therapist will meet you at the main Music Academy reception, prior to your first session.

How will progress be reviewed and how will I be updated? 

Evaluation of therapy takes place through careful observation & written session notes.

We like parents to be involved as much as possible and will share and discuss issues as they arise. There is usually time at the end of the session to discuss progress with the therapist. Written reports can be provided if required, e.g. for annual reviews, and are provided with 2 weeks’ notice. Please refer to the fees and charges which can be found here 

When does therapy end and what is the notice period? 

Therapy is booked in blocks of 10 sessions each term and must be paid for in advance of the first session commencing. The minimum commitment is for the 10 week period.

Each child is different and requires a different amount of time in order to bring about changes. It is difficult to predict at the beginning for how long a child may benefit from coming to sessions, and so progress is regularly reviewed at agreed intervals.  

The therapist will discuss progress with you at the mid-point of each block of 10 sessions. At this point you can make an informed decision about whether to commit to therapy for another 10 weeks.

Alternately, for a variety of reasons, you may feel that it is time to end your child’s therapy and, if this is the case you can provide notice for the end of the term by contacting the Senior Music Therapist.

Please speak with the therapist as in all cases it is important that, as therapy draws to a close, each child is prepared for its end. Preparing properly for an ending will preserve the progress made and allows the therapist to work with possible emotions evoked by the ending.


Wandsworth Music is a registered charity and our music therapy service operates independent of external subsidy. Fees for Music Therapy are based on the actual delivery costs, which include staffing, room hire, equipment, management and administration. We are happy to advise on applications to external funders. For further details, please email  

  • Fees are payable in advance of sessions commencing.
  • The minimum commitment and charge is until the end of the booking period.
  • Where payment has not been made in advance, we reserve the right to discontinue service until full payment has been received.
  • Fees will not be refundable for any absence or short term illness. In cases of long term health problems, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss. A medical certificate may be required.
  • Fees are reviewed annually

Can I cancel a session?

Clients commit to attending weekly sessions. Once booked, music therapy sessions cannot be cancelled or refunded, this includes missed sessions for any reason.

In the event of an emergency or closure of the Music Academy due to an event outside WM’s control (e.g. force majeure, a pandemic, flooding, heavy snow or industrial action), no credit or reduction in fees will be due. 

Personal Data & Privacy

  • WM collect and keep personal information for the delivery of music tuition. This information will be stored in accordance with our Privacy Policy