WMA – COVID Guidance

The following guidance applies to everyone attending the Wandsworth Music Academy. Please read this carefully so that we can keep everyone safe.

Do not attend WMA if you or anyone in your family is feeling unwell or experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19:

  • a temperature higher than 37.8
  • a new, continuous cough
  • loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

You must not attend if you have been contacted by NHS test and trace and told to self isolate.

Lateral Flow Testing

WMA pupils will not be expected to undertake additional LFT to those they are already undertaken for school.

Please click here to find out when your rehearsals will be taking place

Arrival arrangements

Parking – In order to be mindful of our neighbours around Burntwood School, we would encourage you to travel to the Academy by foot or bike where possible. If travelling by car please ensure you park legally and considerately. Please do not park on the zig-zag lines outside the main entrance on Burntwood road.

Secondary aged pupils – Secondary aged pupils should arrive and leave the site alone (as per our usual terms it is assumed that all secondary aged pupils have permission to travel independently unless we have been informed otherwise). If parents are collecting pupils you should wait a safe distance from the school site.

Primary aged pupils – Only 1 parent/ guardian per family will be allowed to enter the school site to drop off or collect primary aged pupils. Parents must drop children at the Wandsworth Music reception area outside the main school reception. We politely remind parents to not enter past this point.

After drop-off parents must immediately leave the school site. No parents will be able to wait on site.

Please note that primary aged pupils can only leave alone if we have received written permission.

  • Please do not arrive early – Plan to arrive on site 5 minutes before your rehearsal.
  • No parents will be allowed past the reception area or inside any buildings under any circumstances.
  • Face coverings must be warn when entering the school premises unless you are medically exempt or under the age of 11.
  • After drop off, we ask that all parents wait off-site. Thank you for your cooperation in this.
  • On arrival all pupils must sanitise their hands before entering the teaching space
  • 2 metre social distancing must be observed at all times by pupils and parents
  • Pupils must follow one way systems or designated routes around the building
  • Lifts must not be used unless agreed in advance
  • Please walk on the left hand side when using stairs and where one way routes are not possible.
  • Designated toilets will be in use
  • Pupils will be registered by their tutor in the ensemble room

During the lesson

  • On entering the room you should go to your allocated seat. You can put your instrument case and other belongings under or beside your chair.
  • Please do not play your instruments until instructed to do so by your tutor.
  • All singing will be kept at low to moderate volume levels.
  • Amplified instruments will be kept at low to moderate volume levels.
  • Brass players must not empty water keys onto the floor. Paper towels will be provided and it is the players responsibility to dispose of this at the end of the session
  • Wind and brass players must use a cloth bell cover* 
  • Pupils must bring their own music stand and sheet music which must not be shared

*Wandsworth Music will provide bell coverings for wind and brass instruments. The cover will be loaned to the pupil free of charge and it is the responsibility of the pupil/ parent to bring this each week. Coverings should be machine washed each week. If bell covers are lost a replacement will be charged for.

Face coverings

It is a requirement that everyone entering the site aged 11+ wears a face covering (unless medically exempt). Face coverings can be removed during rehearsals, although we respect each individuals decision if they decide to wear one during the rehearsal.

What to bring

In order to prevent the use of shared equipment and resources we require pupils to bring the following equipment to rehearsals:

  • Instrument – please ensure the instrument is clearly labelled with your name. You must not share your instrument with another person. Brass and Wind players should ensure that their instruments are cleaned regularly.
  • Music Stand – all pupils must bring their own music stand to all rehearsals. All pupils will be 1 to a stand and music stands cannot be shared under any circumstance
  • Sheet Music – all pupils must print their own music and bring it to every rehearsal. If you do not have access to a printer please contact John Kilshaw at least 7 days before your rehearsal.
  • Labelled Water bottle – water fountains are not in use and we cannot provide any drinking water on site.
  • Hand sanitiser – although hand sanitiser will be available in all teaching spaces we request that all pupils and staff bring their own supply to help maintain enhanced hygiene.
  • Instrument accessories – Please bring a pencil and rubber. You should also ensure you have spare strings, reeds, valve oil etc as required for your instrument.
  • Please do not bring any food or other unnecessary items.

Feeling unwell during the session

If you feel unwell during the session you must alert the tutor as soon as possible. Our first aider will isolate the pupil and call parents to arrange immediate collection.

After the session

  • Pupils must take all personal belongings with them.
  • Pupils must dispose of any waste in the bins – for example paper towels/ broken reeds/ strings etc.
  • Pupils will be dismissed in small groups of no more than 15 to ensure that 2 metre distancing is maintained. It is assumed that Senior Academy pupils (Year 7+) will leave the site unaccompanied.
  • Junior Academy pupils (Yr 2-6) will be returned to their appropriate adult by the main gate of Burntwood School, unless written permission has been received for independent travel .
  • All pupils and parents should leave the site as soon as their sessions are finished, taking care to maintain 2m social distancing.
  • Where pupils are attending more than one ensemble they will be allocated a place to wait, ensuring that a minimum of 2 metres social distancing is observed at all times.