Remote Teaching

Remote Teaching Policy

Please familiarise yourselves with the Wandsworth Music remote teaching policy. 

How to access zoom lessons (where applicable)

In some circumstances, where we are unable to facilitate a lesson within the school day, we may arrange for these lessons to take place on zoom. 

Your zoom lessons can be accessed using the links sent to you with your termly invoice  (please ensure you click the correct link for the correct lesson as they will only work on the day/ time specified).

Please click the link at least 5 minutes before your lesson is due to start to enter the waiting room – your tutor will admit you into the Zoom meeting at the start time. If you have not been admitted after a few minutes please call one of the corresponding help numbers in the contacts section below.

After clicking on the link and loading the zoom app please change the user name to the name of the pupil attending the lesson (first and surname) – this will ensure our tutors know which children are waiting and only permit registered children to enter the lesson. You can do this by clicking on participants and then selecting your name > more > rename. (please see picture below)

If you have any technical issues, you can contact us on we’ll do our best to help you. If for any reason Zoom crashes, or the tutor needs to restart the lesson – just wait a minute and re-click the link above.

The lessons can be accessed on any device (PC, Laptop, Tablet, Phone etc), however the best functionality is available when using a PC or Laptop

Please take pictures of any music your child has been learning, and have them saved on the computer you will be using for the lesson. This can be sent to the tutor using the following actions:

Click CHAT

Click FILE

Select file to send

**please note this function only works on a PC or Laptop**

If you don’t have access to a PC or Laptop please email copies of the music to the corresponding contact listed below (at least 2 days before) and we can forward it on to your tutor.