Tutor cover request form

When to request cover

If you are working in a school on your own and there are enough teaching weeks, it is preferable for you to try and rearrange the session directly with the school rather than requesting cover*. Please copy the music service into any emails with the school relating to this as the SpeedAdmin calendar will need to be amended, and parents contacted.

*If you teach a mixture of programmes in a school on the same day e.g. WCET and Peri, please include all teaching in your cover request, including the peri work.

When requesting cover, please ensure you follow the below procedures.

If the date of your cover request is 14 days away, or more:

Submit a cover request form. You will be informed when cover is arranged with instructions on what to do next. If your request affects multiple weeks of the same teaching, please also call or email your line manager – Debbie (vocal & curriculum), Emily and Lydia (instrumental).

For last minute emergency requests, or if your request is within 14 days:

Firstly, notify the office team by calling: 020 8333 3899.

If the number above does not get answered, then please try the following numbers to ensure that you speak to someone (please ensure you speak to a person and don’t just leave a message!)

Staff memberNumberType of requestContactable days
Emily07929 018729Instrumental & WMA WedMon – Sat
Lydia07948 364313Instrumental & WMA SatMon – Sat (not Thurs)
Debbie07967 791273Vocal/CurriculumTues – Fri
John07966 426345WMA SatTues – Sat
Aurelie07767 670611WMA SatMon, Thurs, Fri, Sat

If you still haven’t managed to speak to anyone after trying the above numbers, send an email to info@wandsworthmusic.co.uk.

After you have informed one of our team, you should submit a cover request form.

If you wake up ill during the week:

Please contact us (as above), and your school/co-tutor as early as possible and by 7.30am at the very latest so that alternative arrangements can be made. This is especially important where your teaching is PPA cover. If you do not manage to speak to someone please email info@wandsworthmusic.co.uk

If you become ill after 5pm on Friday or wake up ill on Saturday morning, please contact both Lydia & Aurelie by phone as early as possible and by 7am on Saturday at the latest so alternative arrangements can be made.